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Here’s What I Know About You

If you’re reading this, perhaps you can relate…

Ever notice how things seems to magically shift when you declare a commitment to something?

Maybe you declared, “like no sh**,” that you would manifest some extra cash, and it flowed in.

Maybe you declared that you would get that job, that apartment, that social life… and it all came together.

And maybe you’ve declared that you’re a loser in love, and that’s coming true also, to your dismay. As much as you’ve tried to declare something different, deep down you believe something less than what you really want is possible… But why? The reason (to this day) may still escape you.

So you settle.

Settle for the guy you know deep down isn’t right for you.

Or settle for no guy at all because it’s easier to avoid what’s out there. To not get hurt.

But you hurt anyway because you’re alone so that isn’t really working out either.


It’s amazing what can (and cannot happen) when we commit to a vision. Whether we truly want that vision or not, we are committed to whatever we’re believing, and whomever we’re BEing.

Do you want to be the girl who stops men in their tracks? Has random strangers approach for conversation or simply stop by to mention how gorgeous you are? The girl who other women look at and say “wow, she really has is all, doesn’t she…” Have you committed to being that woman, love, or does it seem like more of a pipedream?

The truth is, it doesn’t matter how pretty, smart, talented, successful, career-driven, or caring you are… If you don’t know how to make the secret sauce, you can’t cook up a fantastic relationship, with yourself OR your desired man.

Notice how people always seem to say “love yourself first and then everything will fall into place”? Ever feel frustrated or confused when people say this to you and then they do NOT give you the instruction manual…? As if you should just… know? Or perhaps you think you love yourself enough already… Hint: you can always love yourself more, and in ways that will manifest love, AND if you don’t have what you want already then not loving yourself is exactly the reason WHY.

Well, love… that’s exactly why I’m here.

#givemethehow #imreadykatie

Something in the universe energetically pulled you to me so I can help you learn how to love yourself more. So you can be the radiant, magnetic, unstoppable, fierce, feminine, lit-up, magical mermaid/unicorn/goddess/queen that it has always been your God-given right to be.

The version of you that never asks permission for who she gets to be. She just is.

The version of you that is so in touch with her inner child that she shines a BRIGHT light for all to see.

The version of you who doesn’t give a F*** what other people think.

The version of you who is confident, free, loving, and a MAGNET for all that she wants.

The version of you that is wildly successfully at everything she desires. The version of you that is your true self.

The true self that you’ve been hiding because you’re afraid that the world won’t accept you for you.

The true self that you’ve been trying to morph into something else to please others.

The true self that you’ve been half-heartedly being.

The true self that has dimmed her light to make others more comfortable.

The truth is you were never made to look or be like everyone else. You were made to look and be like YOU – a unique, beautiful, influential, generous, loving, free, expression of God/the universe/energy/whatever you believe in.

Is it time to return to your true self, love? The self you were before everyone else – your parents, siblings, friends, and the media told you to be?

The true self that gets to manifest the EXACT man who is right for her.

The man that will love you completely and unconditionally.

The man that will always put you first.

The man that will be your companion, supporter, cheerleader, and best friend.

The man who is powerful, and owns himself fully.

The man who is chivalrous, and understands your worth.

The man who loves and celebrates the all of the beauty in you, even in those moments when you have a hard time loving yourself

The man that deserves your love and light.

He exists, and he’s on the other side of you doing the work to BE the woman that he’s meant to manifest, too.

I can help you attract that amazing man, love.

And it’s not just for him. Think about how many people haven’t experienced your gifts because you’ve been holding back or putting on a mask. They get to experience the true, authentic, radiant, glorious version of you, too.

I work with passionate, inspired, creative women who are committed to receiving their king, no matter what. So if that’s you, I invite you to read on…

A little bit about me…

A recovering people-pleaser ;-), I grew up always living my life to please others (or at the very least to make them more comfortable).

That meant dimming my light at every opportunity until one day I completely forgot who I was.

In my mid-twenties I was overworked, lost, and completely overwhelmed with the variables in life. It took very little to completely derail me and I struggled with severe depression, suicidal thoughts, and a nervous breakdown.

I had very little self-worth and barely existent self-esteem. With the exception of my art, I felt that living on this planet was mostly cruel and unusual punishment.

From my job, to my schoolwork, to relationships, as I approached my mid-twenties I was miserable and thought “Is this really IT? How awful.” Happiness was fleeting, totally dependant on outside circumstances, and at times I flat out FORCED smiles. I thought, “This is not what I want at all and I’m POWERLESS to change it.”

I really believed I had no power, love.

And I seriously weighed the options before choosing to stay in the game of life. What saved me was the love of my family. I just couldn’t conceive hurting them in that way.

I’m an all-in or all-out type of gal… so when I made the decision to stay in this life, my intention was to find SOMETHING worth living for. To find little bits and pieces of joy, even if they were abbreviated. Maybe a cute video of a puppy or kitten, something funny, etc…

#allin #alifeworthliving

I later made a friend at work who turned out to be one of my BEST friends, a soulmate friend in this lifetime. One day we noticed that we were both interested in personal development work and the bond grew deeper from there.

We would spend all of our lunchbreaks focusing on the pieces of ourselves that we wanted to grow and change, and after a while of focusing on what I could change I noticed positive changes beginning to happen, and I had HOPE and a feeling of purpose in life again. I started to notice I actually DID have power.


I stepped into a new way of being. Myself and others took notice.

I manifested a new and much better job at a 33% raise.

I hired a love coach and began to notice that I actually had power with men, too, after all!

I began manifesting amazing results and experiences that I could not logically explain.

My mindset was doing a 180. Within a few years of the decision to keep going I was manifesting big wins and I began to trust life again.

“The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen.”

Elisabeth Kübler-Ross



I have had the distinct pleasure and honor of working with Katie. She is insightful, perceptive, thoughtful, possesses a deep understanding of people and why they do what they do and is a great problem solver. She also has a high level of integrity and I am honored to call her a friend and colleague. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for help in gaining clarity in their life. Katie is an amazing coach and has provided me with great guidance.

Brad Kenny

After just one call w/Katie I not only gained clarity around my love blocks but also a crystal clear blueprint for how to ignite my authentic love path. Katie TRULY cares about her clients and uses the perfect combination of heart +action–empowering women to step into (and own) their deepest love desires.

Kelly Thomas
#onablission #betheflower #DesignYourPowerfullyFeminineLife

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