In this Bonuses section we learn about and integrate even more of the LOA Your Home for Love process via the following modules (at your own desire and pace):

Bonus 1: Meditations, Affirmations & Subliminal Audios

Bonus 2: Creating Deep Connection

Bonus 3: Setting Your Home up to Magnetize Your Person – Practical Tools

Bonus 4: Ingredients for Sexy Spaces

Bonus 5: Love Vs. Fear Bootcamp

Bonus 6: Boundaries, Collaboration, Feedback & Receptivity with Your Partner

Bonus 7: Lessons from The Secret & the LOA – Why Understanding it is so Critical to Success

Bonus 8: the Science of Space – the Significance of Environmental Psychology in Every Day Life

Bonus 9: Manifesting Mojo 101

Use the following affirmations, meditations, and subliminal to support reprogramming your mind for epic creative success!