FEMME-OUT!!!  3 of My Favorite Workouts to Be Even More in Your Feminine and Call in YOUR Amazing Man!!!

Happy Manifest Your Man Monday!!!!!

This week I’m focusing on three of my favorite workouts to be even more in your feminine and call in your amazing man!
Sometimes as successful women, we DON’T EVEN REALIZE that we’re knee-deep in masculine energy.  After working long days, tackling everything on our to-do lists, and being amazing do-it-all independent women, it’s easy to slip into that mode and not even realize it.
And that success that we gain from getting our sh** done (and done WELL because we rock at it) is amazing so I’m not knocking it ONE BIT. 
That being said, that same masculine energy that has been so useful to us in a successful career and business isn’t necessarily serving us in our dating lives.
You see, the masculine energy tends to be competitive.  So, if you show up in more of a masculine energy on a date with a masculine man you may throw off his energy by unintentionally seeming competitive.  He ends up feeling confused, frustrated, competitive, and you end up feeling confused and possibly rejected…  Read on if this or something similar has happened to you.
I will tell you that this has definitely happened to me… and it wasn’t pretty.  Years ago I had a man I was dating leave the date early because he said I seemed “stressed out”.  I had been working on a big project during the day before I saw him and by the time he arrived I was not in my feminine at all and I was anxious AF.  Talk about #hotmess.
So how do we avoid that kind of nightmare, you ask?  By taking the time and energy to gravitate back towards our feminine energy as frequently as possible, and especially before a date.  There are SO many ways to do that (discovering those is the fun part!).  One of those ways is through workouts that express and empower your feminine energy.  You could implement these practices in place of or in addition to what you are already doing.
The masculine and feminine energies both exist in all of us, and they are magnets for each other.  Therefore, the feminine attracts the masculine and vice versa.  This is why it’s SO important to be in your feminine energy to attract a masculine man.
In this week’s video I share three of my FAVORITE workouts for connecting to, expressing, empowering, and cultivating that feminine energy within.
Hallmarks of more feminine workouts include undulation of the body and sometimes slower movement (or intentionally varied pace), grace, core work and inner strength, and intuitive, less structured, and more fluid motion.
Have questions?  Let me know and yours might even be featured on an upcoming segment of Manifest Your Man Monday (your name will not be shared during the program).
Have a magnificent week and let me know what lands for you after watching this video.
Sending you so much love!


Chief Emotional Badass at Katie Titi, Love Designer
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