Getting Into a High Vibe After Disappointment Happens

Disappointments happen, be it in dating or any other life situation that we weren’t anticipating.  But we can’t stay in disappointment-mode and expect to manifest an amazing man to walk into our life, can we?

What if I told you that a super important part of designing a beautiful love life is getting BACK into a joyful state of being after disappointment?
Check out this week’s installment of Manifest Your Man Monday, for more info.  I KNOW you want to know WHY being in a high vibration (aka joyful from the inside out) is SO important to attracting a great mate, so book a call!!!
I challenge YOU to get your high-vibeness on this week!!!!  (and report back, of course).
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Love you.  Enjoy the segment and I’ll see you soon!!


Chief Emotional Badass at Katie Titi, Love Designer

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