Great Men Serenade YOU on this Manifest Your Man Monday!!!

Doing something a little different today (instead of the video this week) since I’ve got something extra special planned for you!!! 😀

I’ve compiled a playlist on Spotify that includes songs from several great men so you can feel showered with love <3 <3 <3  and increase your joy as you move through your week this week!!
Music has the power to heal and uplift us. 
Music, along with movement (dance, etc), is one aspect of my practice that allows me to feel great joy.  Being in a joyful state and existing at a high vibration as much as possible is a significant piece of the process for what allows me to manifest amazing experiences with great men on a regular basis!  So I love having the opportunity to share this playlist with you!!
Have questions?  Let me know and yours might even be featured on an upcoming segment of Manifest Your Man Mondays (your name will not be shared during the program).  Also, if you have suggestions for songs to add to this list, please send an email.
Love you.  Enjoy the Great Men Serenade playlist!


Chief Emotional Badass at Katie Titi, Love Designer

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