I moved to San Diego!!!!!! And I did it by implementing these three strategies…

OK so you might be wondering why I didn’t email you last week.  I PROMISE you I had a good reason 🙂
You see, I moved!  And it all came together rather quickly.
Once I took a look at my blocks around what was holding me back from the move, and shifted them, IT ALL CAME TOGETHER.
I manifested a job, cross-country trip, and an apartment all within a month’s time.  And it was relatively EASY.  Not effortless, but EASY.
I was clear from the get-go that I wanted to be in San Diego quickly…  that I would arrive here via an AWESOME cross-country trip… and that I would manifest a job easily.
And here’s a little bit of the how…
My FAITH that all of the challenges that I was having were happening FOR me, to create my move to San Diego, created the opportunity to live a life of excellence in the fun and sun.
My FOCUS allowed me to get clear that my move was THE THING that belonged first on my to-manifest list.  I created an energy that was “one thing at a time,” which allowed for concentration and clarity around what I wanted so my energy was going in the right direction.
My PERSISTENCE that this WAS happening, come hell or high water…  the fire that had been lit under my ass…  is the thing that KEPT ME GOING.  And ladies, that fire is EVERYTHING when you’re feeling down and out about your love life so if you don’t have that passion I recommend you cultivate it.  You can book a call with me if you need help with this.
I also got to be creative, I got to be positive, I got to THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX to make this happen.
And all of this applies to your love life!  You can apply this to manifesting your man by remembering that everything in our lives manifests by how we’re showing – what we’re believing and what we’re buying into.
For example, before this so quickly manifested, I kept having the thought that this wasn’t going to happen because there weren’t enough jobs in my field available.  My nine to five is in a niche field so I had a feeling of LACK there for the longest time until I just DECIDED TO NIX THAT S***.  Seriously.
Within a few DAYS of changing my mindset around this I found a great position, applied, and was offered the position in just a few weeks time.  And all it took was me believing that there were an abundance of opportunities.
Specifically, I widened my job search to similar positions and found OODLES of opportunities.  This simple act increased my faith, focus, and persistence because I believed again that there were opportunities for me here, I got even more focused on my job search because I had faith that it was happening, and all of that encouraged me to be more persistent.
Sometimes it’s one small, simple action that propels us into greatness in life (and love!).  Think about all of the small things you could do today to build momentum in that direction.  You can set up a strategy call with me for one, (that is SUPER easy and 1000% worth your time btw).
All of this applies to your love life because manifestation principles apply to EVERYTHING we create.  So, for example…  You want a great man so you cultivate your faith towards the concept of him, focus and get clear on what you want for a partner, and never give up until he finds you :-).
Another small simple action you can take is listening to this playlist that I put together for you.  All the songs on here resonate with the concepts of faith, focus, and persistence.  It’s SUPER inspiring and will (of course) get you into manifesting mode.
Enjoy it all and have a great week!  Oh and stay tuned as well because I have a few announcements coming your way that I think you’ll really like.  Yay!!!
Chief Emotional Badass at Katie Titi, Love Designer​​​​​​​

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