I was a HOT MESS and this super cute & nice guy from the hotel we were staying at asked me out anyway…  Do you want this kind of power?

I had just spent a wonderful rain-filled adventure day with my dad in New Orleans.  We returned to our hotel after this helluva great day soaked, stinky, and I was definitely looking like a total MESS.
When we pulled up to the counter I spoke with the two gentlemen there – one was the clerk and the other the hotel  manager.  I manifested some free laundry detergent and fabric softener (#manifestingmagnet)… and that wasn’t all…
When I came downstairs later to do some work at the business center, the hotel manager approached me with curiosity, pleasant conversation, and asked to exchange numbers.
I mean, I’m good but…??  Lol I’ll admit I had a moment where I underestimated my manifesting abilities.  I had temporarily forgotten that my power had nothing to do with my appearance and EVERYTHING to do with my energy.  Since my LIGHT is something I harness and shine brightly every day, I sometimes forget it’s there, attracting great opportunities on the daily (EVEN WHEN I look or feel tired and messy).
{!firstname_fix}, if you have just one major takeaway from this video I’d love it to be this:  your physical appearance matters much less than we tend to think.  It is your ATTITUDE, your CONFIDENCE, your feminine RADIANCE, that attracts great men.  And the more you’re clear on your vision for your man and are shining/in a high vibration, the more likely you are to attract in the BEST MATCH FOR YOU.  🙂
As I mentioned in the video, openness and vulnerability is also key in creating connection…  What connections will you create with the people in your environment this week?  Email me and share – would love to hear!
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