Why I keep a manifesting journal now…

I’m an instant magnet for pretty much everything I want and I sometimes forget to 100% appreciate that and truly, fully take that all in.

Take this past week for example…
I had just arrived home for the day on Tuesday and went to check my mail.  On the way from my mailbox I ran into a service worker and he said to me “no checks today, huh?”.  And, totally off the cuff I responded “not today but next time!”
I wasn’t expecting any checks for another 2-3 weeks…  so that interaction was literally kind of jovial, random, and off the cuff but since the man brought money to my attention I casually declared my claim to the universe (because why not?!) and guess what happened??
I checked my mail the next day and I had TWO CHECKS!
Not even a check, but plural… checks… exactly as I had described literally just one day earlier.
The moral of this story, love, is that sometimes we forget just how POWERFUL we are.
I almost forgot this interaction had occurred but then my memory was jogged while walking from the mailbox when I received a text message from a good friend who was mentioning some financial gains that she had had at just that moment and so I remembered the interaction from the previous day and had that “Ah hah!” moment.  #awesome
Are YOU paying attention to your power?
Gratitude begets even more awesome manifestations so if you are CLEAR that you get to manifest AMAZING love this year, then you get to PRACTICE your skills in all aspects of life and journal about it so you manifest even more (and boost your confidence/power mojo while you’re at it because you know that can’t hurt!)
Don’t be lackadaisical about it either – you get to have a separate manifestation journal from what you’re already using if you are journaling already (No cheating!)
The manifestation journal is a special, powerful living document that reminds you of your power daily and should be treated as such.  Make it something pretty and treasured.
Sending you lots and lots of love on this Manifest Your Man (and everything while you’re at it!) Monday 😉


Chief Emotional Badass at Katie Titi, Love Designer

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