You NEED THIS to Attract Your Man

Happy Manifest Your Man Monday!!!!!

I have one VERY IMPORTANT question for you today and that is…
Ie.  What are some significant or memorable experiences that you and your man share?  What are 5 specific non-negotiable personality traits that define his character?  What do your interactions look like?  Have you put together a vision board for you and your man’s life together?  Maybe even a Pinterest Board (I have one – Pinterest is a fave)?
I say this with so much love…  You can stand all day shouting from the rooftops “I want an amazing man to come find me – universe bring it already!!!” and he won’t come…
Know why?
You get to be SPECIFIC about your desire, in addition to being focused.
Sally Sue’s and Mary Jo’s version of an amazing man could be much different than yours.  If you don’t get CRYSTAL CLEAR on what you want in a man, and direct your FOCUS to that, how do you expect the universe to even know what you want delivered??
Not being specific with your vision is like sending out a very important piece of mail, like a college application or resume, without including the address…  I know you would NEVER miss something like that, and this is no different.
I’ll add that being more attached to your vision than your stories about why it hasn’t/can’t/isn’t happening for you yet…  is crucial to your success.
Is your vision big enough to inspire you?  Is your belief that you can have it stronger than your stories about why you cannot?
In this week’s video I talk about the importance of your vision and share some recent insights that I had into some specific situations in my own life.
Check out the VIDEO and let me know what lands for you!
Speaking of your LOVE VISION, I have the PERFECT TOOL to assist with manifesting your man through COLORING!!!  So much fun, too. 
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Have questions?  Let me know and yours might even be featured on an upcoming segment of Manifest Your Man Monday (your name will not be shared during the program).
Have a magnificent week full of beautiful manifestations and let me know what lands for you after watching this video.
Sending you so much love!


Chief Emotional Badass at Katie Titi, Love Designer​​​​​​​

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