I give you FULL PERMISSION to be a drama queen

Yup you heard that right.  I give you FULL PERMISSION to be a drama queen.

There’s an EFFECTIVE and an INEFFECTIVE way to be a drama queen, love.

Channel your Drama Queen in ineffective ways and DISASTER can result.
Use her effectively and you may end up creating MIRACLES – literally.
Do you struggle with the ineffective drama queen?  The little beast inside that gets in the way of what you actually want to communicate in the moment?  Many women do.  At best, the ineffective DQ is jaded, bitter, frustrated, snippy, and confused.  And at her worst she is completely disconnected from love and destructive towards those that she cares for…
It doesn’t have to be that way…
Channeling your inner DQ can actually be super healthy, productive, and FUN!
The effective, healthy, empowered, graceful, loving, COMPASSIONATE drama queen understands the value of balance, responsible communication, release/relief, and channeling creativity for a much greater outcome in her relationships with herself, men, and in general!
The effective/healthy/empowered/graceful/loving/compassionate/responsible Drama Queen can also manifest anything she wants in relationship, including an amazing man (or men ;-)).
Do YOU want to manifest anything you want in relationship – perhaps be asked out by a highly desirable man (or MEN!!) in just a few short weeks?

Do you want to manifest YOUR MAN in the next six months?

Are you ready for the best year of your life in love?

I can help you make it a reality, {!firstname_fix}.

If you are experiencing frustration, confusion, and overall challenges around your communication with men I can help with that, too.
Effective communication is something that I’ve mastered in the realm of men and dating.  If you would like support with embodying that level of communication with men then I invite you reply to this email and set up a Manifest Your Man consultation with me so I can help you hone that skill and attract an amazing man ASAP.
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Chief Emotional Badass at Katie Titi, Love Designer​​​​​​​
P.S. I know how frustrating it can be to feel unheard, shut down, misjudged, ignored, be told “you’re too much/too emotional,” etc during interactions with men.

Communicating with men effectively using responsible feminine communication during these challenging moments is something that I’m GREAT at.  Reply to this email to set up a Manifest Your Man Call now so I can share these secrets to effective feminine communication with you.

I LOVE YOU.  Have a great day.