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Design Your Powerfully Feminine Life, with Katie Titi

Get aligned with your bliss, and your dream life will find you. #onablission
I say this with SO much love… Have you let your fire go cold? If so, read on (I can help!!!)

My core coaching philosophy is that you have to truly, deeply, and OBSESSIVELY love yourself from the inside out and the outside in, to attract a life you love (on your feminine terms!). Dreams come true when you align fully with your self-worth, which instills confidence… and BOOM, the life you’ve been wanting finds you finds you.

Most fems have this mixed up unfortunately. Many people (not just women) have this tendency to think that love and joy only come from the outside – from someone/something else – and that’s how we feel complete, whole, happy, and loved. So they spend all of this effort and energy on external events… wondering why they feel completely empty on the inside, ESPECIALLY when things seem to “not be going right in life.” It simply doesn’t work that way. You’ve got to create an internal environment that’s aligned with the thing you want FIRST.

So many forget about the power, light, and love within. They instead cultivate only or mostly the experiences in the external world, to the extent that they lose sight of who they are – their inherent worth. Not their worth based on how much money they earn, how pretty they are, or how many degrees they’ve acquired, but their inherent worth.

You see, when you were put here on this planet you considered inherently worthy of all the goodness afforded by this wonderful place, non-dependent on your external results but by simply being you. I’m here to bring you back to that juicy goodness.

And cultivating external experiences is good, too! You get to set up a powerfully feminine environment where you will THRIVE. It just can’t be all about the outside stuff. You get to be balanced and whole on your own.


If you’re reading this and struggling I hear you 1000% percent.

I struggled with life for a really long time and actually suffered from frequent suicidal thoughts in my early to mid twenties as a result of feeling like such a failure and misaligned with all the goodness I wanted that was seemingly out of reach.

Prior to seeking out personal development, I knew about it and put it off, thinking it was “for someone else”. I kept placing my power outside of me – giving it to other people instead of cultivating what I already had going on within me – mind, body, and spirit.

I gave it away to online dating sites, matchmakers, men, employers, friends, and family members (the list goes on). Thinking that everyone else had the answers or the power to make me happy.

The error that I had made back then was in my thinking that “everything I need is on the outside and I need to get it from other people”. What I failed to acknowledge and take responsibility for, however, was myself. My mindset, my energy, my ways of being. All of it.

None of those exterior things worked because the power to create my own happiness was with me all along and I kept lending it out to others without even realizing I was doing it.

One day, it was time for all of that to change.

When I finally made the decision that I was going to stick around and make the best of the life I’d been given (at the time, this felt hard and a bit hopeless), I committed to feeling better and better until I was ready to dive into personal development work.

That work boded very well for me. In a few short years I doubled my salary, started a business, manifested unexpected large sums of money, had amazing and expansive dating experiences with incredible men, completely upleveled my social life, manifested a move across the country and a cozy dream home (with a fabulous closet ;-)), and most importantly: I took my voice and my power back. #ihadthepowerallalong

Several years, experiences, jobs, businesses, certifications, and clients/mentees later, it became clear what my true purpose was: making this world a more beautiful place through what I’ve learned about feminine empowerment, love, self confidence, self care, transformation, lifestyle, leadership, style, and spirituality.

Powerfully Feminine was born. #powerfullyfeminine

If you are concerned and wondering if your energy might be off in your dreams manifesting, I can help you with that.

It’s all about getting clarity and alignment with your desire. Then allowing yourself to experience these powerful shifts and feel like a mini sorceress, claiming and manifesting all of your life’s desires.

Talk about #femininebadass
What People Say About Working With Katie

There are not enough words to describe the amazing woman that is Katie.  She is emotionally intelligent, incredibly intuitive and loving (I could go on and on!). She downright exudes femininity and sexiness; it’s truly her essence.  In the time that we have worked together, she taught me to trust myself and my intuition as a woman.  That trust has greatly impacted my personal and romantic relationships.  Her wisdom and guidance as a love coach is invaluable and anyone would truly be honored to work with Katie.

Nicole Bennett

Katie is SO comfortable with her feminity and who she is! I LOVE IT! I admire her for being so confident in her skin and how she embodies true feminine strength, acceptance and magic! She manifests from a truly feminine space and she shows you the magic of being a woman in every way possible! Her way of manifesting her desires is confident, comes from a place of true worth , fun and ease! She’s unique and her point of view is transformative.

I’ve learned from her self-acceptance, how to follow my pleasure and so much on receiving. I am so grateful for her.

Nicole Williams

Katie has completely changed my life in all of the best ways!! The way that I view myself and relationships has completely shifted thanks to her beautiful wisdom. I feel more confident, ok with who I am, embracing my feminine energy, and knowing when and how to set boundaries and stick to them, and so much more! She is amazing at what she does, and she is the epitome of feminine empowerment. She truly cares about her clients and takes the time to listen, ask great questions, give amazing advice and help guide you to be the BEST version of you! Her presence and energy is so welcoming, loving and uplifting. She makes you feel so comfortable and no judgements, just love and compassion. I’m so grateful for her coaching and I feel like a new woman!!! I highly recommend her if you want to really embrace your feminine energy, know who you are and love who are. Thank you thank you thank you Katie!!!

Christine Bills

Katie is the total embodiment of feminine power! Through Katie’s work and being in her energy, I have manifested incredible experiences and have felt even more powerful and confident as a woman! It was so helpful to learn about feminine and masculine energies and how to be in receiving mode and attract in all your desires. She always takes such a loving and compassionate approach, which is huge for me because I used to carry a lot of shame around my dating life. Katie has supported me in overcoming that and understand how worthy I am of everything in life (especially my KING!) and that there is nothing ‘wrong’ about what I like/want/need. Katie rocks!

Stephanie Hutchinson

Katie Titi got to experience me before what I call my “life awakening” and the amount of support I received from her from day one made my experience that much more powerful. She fearlessly took charge when I would spiral into my thoughts and was incredibly patient with me. The amount of direction and love she provided made a world of a difference. I’ve gained a friend, a sister and an empowering woman I strive to be like. Thanks to Katie, my life has been forever changed.

Hannah Brenner

I love her Coaching and she is soft spoken.

Omon Uanreroro

Are you ready to design a powerfully feminine life?

Working with Katie may be for you if…
  • You’re motivated AF to attract your dreams and will do whatever it takes. #committed
  • You’re open-minded and coachable.
  • You’re self-responsible, respectful, kind, and generally speaking of a positive mindset.
  • You’re ready to overcome obstacles that have been setting you back.
Working with Katie may not be for you if…
  • You desire all the things but don’t want them badly enough to commit to the work.
  • You would prefer to hang on to your old stories about “why you can’t have it all.”
  • Everything going on in your life that isn’t working is someone else’s fault.
  • You would prefer to stay “emotionally comfortable” (even if it means settling).